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    Expansion bolt precautions


    1, drilling depth: the depth of the concrete constructi […]

    1, drilling depth: the depth of the concrete construction is better than the depth of the expansion tube is about 5 mm deep. As long as it is greater than or equal to the length of the expansion tube, the length of the inner expansion bolt left in the ground is equal to or less than the length of the expansion tube.

    2. The requirement of the inner expansion bolts on the ground is of course the harder the better. This also depends on the condition you need to fix the object. The strength of the concrete installed in the concrete (C13-15) is five times that of the brick.

    3. After an M6/8/10/12 inner expansion bolt is properly installed in the concrete, the ideal maximum static force is 120/170/320/510 kg.

    The installation method of the inner expansion bolt is not very difficult, the specific operation is as follows; first select an alloy drill bit of the same diameter as the expansion screw bulging ring (tube), and then install it on the electric drill to drill holes in the wall. The depth of the hole is preferably the same The length of the bolt is the same, and then put the expansion screw kit together into the hole, remember; do not screw off the screw to prevent the hole drill when the deeper when the bolt fell into the hole and not take it out. Then tighten the screw and tighten 2-3 buckles, and feel that the inner expansion bolt is tight and not loosen before screwing off.