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    How does the expansion screw expand?


      Expansion screws are generally referred to as me […]


    Expansion screws are generally referred to as metal expansion screws. The expansion screws are fixed by the wedge-shaped inclination to promote the expansion of the frictional grip force to achieve a fixed effect. The screw has a thread at one end and a taper at the end. The outer bread is a tin (some steel pipes), the iron cylinder (steel pipe) has a few cuts in half, and they are stuffed together into the hole in the wall, then the nut is locked, the nut is pulled outward, and the taper is pulled into the iron cylinder. The iron cylinder is opened, so it is tightly fixed on the wall, and is generally used for fastening the fence, awning, air conditioner and the like on cement, brick and the like. However, its fixing is not very reliable. If the load has a large vibration, looseness may occur, so it is not recommended to install a ceiling fan.

    Bolted composite cable bracket

    The expansion screw is composed of a screw and an expansion tube, and the tail of the screw is conical, and the inner diameter of the cone is larger than the inner diameter of the expansion tube. When the nut is tightened, the screw moves outward, and the conical portion is moved by the axial movement of the thread, thereby forming a large positive pressure on the outer peripheral surface of the expansion tube, and the angle of the cone is small, thereby making the wall and the expansion tube Friction self-locking is formed between the cones and the fixing effect is achieved. For example, the Sanfeng composite cable bracket is through the wall.

    Due to the small drilling hole and large pulling force, the expansion screw is flat after use. If it is not used, it can be removed at will, and the advantages of maintaining the wall surface are remarkable. It is widely used in various decoration occasions.

    ☆ Fasten air conditioners, water heaters, range hoods, etc.

    ☆ Fixed frameless balcony windows, security doors and windows, kitchen, bathroom components, etc.

    ☆ Ceiling screw fixing (combined with casing and cone cap)

    ☆ Other occasions that need to be fixed