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    Is there any use of anti-theft screws?


      1. If you have the intention to remove it, the a […]


    1. If you have the intention to remove it, the anti-theft screw is like a dummy, it is useless. Because no matter what the screw is, it can be removed, and there are ways to remove the welding, not to mention the anti-theft screw.

    2. Anti-theft screws are still useful for ordinary people. After all, most people don't know much about screws. The most common ones are Phillips screws, hex screws, slotted screws, and Phillips screws. Fasteners for special shaped anti-theft screws. Most people have never seen it, and they don't know how to disassemble it. When an unfamiliar person sees the anti-theft screw and has no tools, most of them will give up the disassembly. Then the anti-theft screw will have a certain anti-theft effect.

    3. For people who don't understand very well, ordinary anti-theft screws are of no use, because many anti-theft screws now have certain specifications and standards, such as plum belt anti-theft screws, hexagonal column anti-theft screws. These commonly used anti-theft screws are sold on the market with disassembly tools. So I know that some will go to the hardware market to purchase tools for disassembly. So for this situation, how should the anti-theft screw be burglarproof? ?

    Since ordinary anti-theft screws can be purchased on the market to get disassembled tools, then we only need to design new anti-theft screws, there is no corresponding disassembly tool on the market, then the anti-theft screws will have a certain anti-theft effect. Because the removal tool cannot be purchased, the cost of customization is high. Most people will give up disassembly after seeing it, and it will play an anti-disassembly effect.

    So from the above analysis we can see. Anti-theft screws are not omnipotent, but they can also prevent some people from disassembling. So is there any use of anti-theft screws? Still benevolent see benevolence, wise see wisdom. When customizing anti-theft screws, understand the customer base and understand the market industry to decide whether to use anti-theft screws.