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    What kind of fasteners?


    1. Bolt type 2. Screw Drywall screws, high-strength scr […]

    1. Bolt type

    2. Screw

    Drywall screws, high-strength screws, self-tapping screws, countersunk screws, wood screws, semicircular head screws, round head screws, fiberboard nail screws, drill screws, wallboard nails, combination screws, set screws, and screws Slot Screws, Eyebolts, Microscrews, Thumbscrews, Thumbscrews Pan Head Screws, Nylon Screws, Nails, Nails, Stainless Steel Screws, Other Screws

    3. Nut

    Hex nut, thin nut, thick nut, slotted nut, square nut, cap nut, anti-theft nut, flange surface nut, wing nut, ring nut, round nut, weld nut, T nut, four-claw nut, K-cap self-locking nuts, locknuts, cone nuts, stainless steel nuts, internal and external teeth nuts, nylon nuts, disk nuts, spring nuts, fine-tooth nuts, anti-tooth nuts, wheel nuts, high-strength nuts, cassette nuts, Reed nuts, tube nuts, embedded nuts, torque nuts, other nuts, lock nuts, pull rivet nuts, copper nut nuts, plastic nuts, inch nuts, cell phone nuts, embedded nuts.

    4. Rivets

    Hollow rivets, semi-tubular rivets, headless rivets, blind rivets, quick rivets, rivets, rivets, rivets, rivet nuts, rivet nuts, riveting screws, panel fasteners, rivets, tubular rivets, ring groove rivets , Special Rivets, Riveting Nuts, Semicircular Head Rivets, Decorative Rivets, Studded Studs, Eyelets, Solid Rivets, Step Rivets, Other Rivets

    5. Pin

    Cotter pin, closed pin, cylindrical pin, tapered pin, elastic pin with hole pin, pin, T-pin, U-pin, step pin, positioning pin, combination pin other pin

    6. Key

    Flat keys, hook head keys, semicircle keys, other keys

    7. Washers

    Flat Washer, Spring Washer, Taper Washer, Toothed Washer, Lockwasher, Stopper Washer, Spherical Washer, Split Washer, Square Oblique Washer, Design Washer, Bowl Washer, Nylon Washer, Other Washer Rings

    8. Rings

    Hole retainer, shaft retainer, open retainer, clamp retainer, other retainer

    9. Swell

    Expansion Bolt, Inner Expansion Nut, Internal Forced Gecko, External Forced Gecko, Chemical Anchor Bolt, Elevator Gecko, Car Gecko, Power Gecko, Plastic Plug, Nylon Plug, Casing Gecko, Fish Eye/Fish Gecko, Hammer Nails Gecko, window gecko, fork gecko, drive-in gecko, built-in expansion bolt, implosion, pull explosion, pull head, expansion hook, nylon gecko, anchor bolt, other expansion anchor

    10 Construction Accessories

    Fasteners, hooks, step-by-step, mountain-shaped pieces, jacking, tile hooks, scaffolding, U-shaped cards, building anchor bolts, T-wire, other construction accessories, industrial and mining railways

    11. Railway

    Shaped bolts, special-shaped screws, special-shaped nuts, turned parts/stamped parts, profiled washers, and other special-shaped pieces

    12. Screws

    Expansion screws, self-tapping screws, stainless steel screws, anti-theft screws, anchor screws, flower basket screws, eccentric screws, wall screws, furniture screws, license plate screws, double head screws, yoke screws, ring screws, automotive screws, hardware screws, Precision screws, rivets, butterfly screws, special screws, and mechanical screws.