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    Wood screw Is it made of wood?


    Wood screws: also similar to machine screws, but the th […]

    Wood screws: also similar to machine screws, but the threads on the screw are special wood screws with ribs that can be screwed directly into the wood component (or part) for a metal (or non-metal) part with a through hole. A wooden component is fastened together. This connection is also a detachable connection.

    The self-tapping screws have high hardness, wide thread pitch, deep thread, and the surface is not smooth. The wood screws are reversed, and the other difference is more obvious. The rear section of the wood screws has no thread. Wood screws are fine, blunt and soft. Self-tapping screws are thick, sharp and hard.

    Advantages Wood screws have the advantage that the consolidation ability is stronger than the nail connection, and can be removed and exchanged, and it is convenient to not damage the wood surface.

    First, the wood screw type is commonly made of iron and copper. The type has a round head type, a flat head type, and an elliptical head type depending on the nail head. The nail head is divided into a slotted screw and a Phillips screw. The head screws are made of soft steel in blue, and the flat head screws are polished. The elliptical head screws are usually plated with cadmium and chrome. They are often used to install loose-leaf, hooks and other hardware accessories. The specifications are determined by the diameter of the stem, the length and the type of the nail head. The unit is purchased at the time of purchase.

    Second, the installation of wood screw tool screwdriver for its loading and unloading tool, the shape of the wood screw head groove shape and a word and cross shape; in addition, there is a special screwdriver installed on the bow drill, suitable for loading and unloading large wood screws, use It is more convenient and labor-saving.